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Question and Answer Cremation Video Library

Our Cremation Videos answer your questions.


Why Pre Plan a Cremation and Memorial?

There are significant financial, personal, and family advantages to making one’s final arrangements in advance:

  • You personalize cremation and fulfill your final wishes
  • You unburden your family
  • You lock in a cremation price and avoid cremation cost increases

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Do you Qualify for VA Cremation Benefits?

Military benefits for a veteran's cremation include (eligibility dependent):

  • flag
  • arrangement of honors
  • military service medallion
  • reimbursement of cremation expenses

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Will Government Benefits Cover the Cost of Cremation?

Trident Society helps families navigate government paperwork and determine available military and social security benefits for cremation costs. Plan ahead to determine eligibility.

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How Can You Take Charge of Funeral Planning?

Relying on a will that may be read following final arrangements is risky. A pre-planned, or pre-need, cremation allows you to make you own arrangements in advance.

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How Can I Reduce the Cost of Cremation?

To ensure a solid investment in a prepaid cremation plan, choose a cremation provider who:

  • is established
  • has a good business model
  • is licensed
  • is reputable.

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How do I Pay for My Cremation in Advance?

You may choose to:

  • pay for cremation in full, maximizing cremation cost savings
  • pay for cremation over time: installment payments allow you to budget for cremation
  • add travel or relocation coverage as additional insurance.

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Are there Affordable Cremation Plans?

Prepaying cremation costs allows you to:

  • lock in today's cremation price
  • assure your family that everything is in order
  • make decisions at a non-emotional time.

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What Happens to My Cremation Plan if I Move?

When considering a prepaid cremation plan, ask:

  1. Will I get a full refund if I later choose another cremation provider?
  2. Is there any place in the United States my prepaid plan does not cover?

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What Signatures are Needed for a Cremation?

A death certificate and cremation permit must be signed prior to cremation. Any delays may be out of our control, but Trident Society walks you through every step, helping and guiding you through the process.

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