Can I Have Cremated Remains Shipped to Me?

Video Transcript

Can you have the cremated remains shipped to you? The answer is simply yes. We live in such a transient society today that people don’t live where they grew up. And it’s a very common thing in today’s world to ship cremated remains. Our method of shipping the cremated remains is the United States Postal Service. When we ship the cremated remains we ship them as certified, registered mail, so there is a signature required on the other end.

Answers from Other Funeral Directors Around the United States:

Yes, the cremated remains can be shipped within the United States, and they will be shipped through United States Postal Service, Express Mail with a return receipt.

- Abby Schilling
Funeral Director in Richfield, MN

Yes, you may ship remains by Express Mail only.

- Jessica Watts
Funeral Director in Jacksonville, FL

Yes, you may ship cremated remains within the continental United States.

- C. A. Bankston
Funeral Director in Fort Worth, TX

Yes, the United States Postal Service ships cremated remains through registered mail and requires a signature upon delivery.

- Michael Sollitto
Funeral Director in Charlotte, NC