What is “Pre-Need” or “Prearrangement?”

Video Transcript

A pre-need balance is the balance that would be remaining on a contract. If someone had the foresight to do a prearrangement, which is a great thing today, then there are two options. You could pay the entire agreement in a prearrangement in full, or you can choose to make payments and pay for it over time.

If the death were to occur prior to the balance of that contract being fulfilled, then the balance would be due at the time of need.

Prearrangements or “pre-need” is the simple act of planning your cremation service or burial service ahead of time, when you can take the emotions out of the planning. You can sit down and talk about what’s important to you and your loved ones, talk about the celebration of your life, and put the information down that’s important for all the necessary documents that would be needed at the time of one’s death.

The other option with pre-need or prearrangements is that you can actually prefund and prepay for your services. You can either pay for it in full or you can pay for it over time which helps a family with the cost of their prearrangement or preneed.

You also are able to lock in the cost at today’s dollar, so you pay at today’s costs. If a death were to happen 10, 15, or 20 years down the road, then there are no additional dollars that are expected for the things that you have selected on your prearrangement or your pre-need. There are many advantages to taking care of your prearrangement or your pre-need.