Prearranging Cremation Services

In America, more than 50% of families now choose cremation over burial for their final arrangements. The cremation process is simple and cost-effective, and can easily be combined with a cremation service. For a family grieving the loss of a loved one, decisions and detail work can be overwhelming. Cremation is simple, requiring fewer decisions. Cremation services generally cost less than funeral services, freeing a family from unnecessary financial burdens.

Funeral and Cremation Services

Cremation may follow a funeral service or occur before a memorial service. Families can decide whether to have a traditional casket service elsewhere before cremation. Conversely, a family may want to proceed with cremation and then hold a memorial service during which the urn is placed on a table display. The urn is often accompanied by a picture of the departed and a spray of flowers. Preplanning a cremation service is a particularly graceful gift one gives to the family, expressing consideration for them.

Disposition of Remains After a Cremation Service

After the funeral and cremation services, families may choose to scatter the remains, place the urn in a gravesite or columbarium, or retain the urn. A cremation service necessitates some element of decision on the family’s part in this regard. Ashes may be scattered at sea off the side of a boat. When families scatter at sea, they often scatter flower petals on the water. Alternatively, cremated remains may become part of the Memorial Reef. Cemeteries are prepared for families who would like to place the urn at a gravesite. Special fixtures exist that allow families to do just that. If a family would like to keep the urn as a memorial, it is usually displayed on a mantle or small table accompanied by a picture of the loved one.

A cremation funeral service is similar to traditional casket services in most ways. A cremation service is a gracious way to honor a loved one, and the cremation cost does not impose any extraordinary burdens on a family. Planning a cremation funeral service takes the level of planning that would go into any memorial service, and the results are a beautiful memorial that captures the love and respect that the family intends.

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