Why Choose Cremation?

Nationwide, over 50% of people choose cremation for final needs. This number continues to rise for a variety of reasons.

Low Cost Cremation

The cost of cremation is a fraction of the cost of burial. The cost of burial includes the price of a:

  • casket
  • burial vault
  • cemetery plot
  • grave marker
  • burial service

Cremation is a single service without an absolute requirement for perpetual property in which to place remains. Many families choose cremation immediately following death, and have an informal memorial service to honor the deceased rather than a traditional funeral, further lowering funeral and burial costs.

Cremation costs can be lowered further with a prepaid cremation. By paying the price of cremation in advance, families lock in a discounted or current price for cremation, rather than suffering inflationary price increases.


Cremation offers substantial flexibility for final needs. A traditional viewing and funeral service may take place prior to cremation allowing the family to gather and mourn around the deceased. Alternatively, cremation can be scheduled immediately following death with a memorial service scheduled at a later date when it is convenient for family and friends to gather. In those circumstances where a gathering isn’t wanted, cremation offers a private, dignified disposition.

Cremation also offers substantial flexibility for disposition of cremated remains. Families choose to:

  • scatter ashes
  • keep cremated remains at home in a cremation urn or container
  • bury cremated remains in a cemetery plot or garden
  • or inter contained remains in a columbarium

Green Burial

For those concerned about their final footprint, cremation is an environmentally friendly end-of-life choice. Cremation avoids embalming chemicals, and limits the use of financial and land resources. Perptual care of cemeteries requires substantial human, financial, and energy resources.


Cremation can be arranged with a single phone call. Trident Society offers a home visit to discuss cremation options at your convenience.

At the time of need, just one call to Trident Society puts all plans in motion.

Planning Ahead

Final needs should be planned in advance just as a will or medical proxy is planned. With advance planning, individuals save money and protect their families from the future burden of planning and payment. Trident Society offers prepaid cremation plans to help those ready to plan ahead.