4 Ways to Scatter Cremated Remains in Sacramento

While southern California may seem like a more glamorous area, Sacramento actually offers many options for those tasked with planning end-of-life ceremonies. Why choose Sacramento? There are plenty of beautiful memorial cemeteries, columbariums, and other methods for scattering cremated remains at some of the best areas that California has to offer. Let’s look at five of your best options for scattering cremated remains in California’s state capital:

1. Sacramento Memorial Lawn
No state capital is complete without a meticulously kept cemetery. The Memorial Lawn in Sacramento is open for burials and cremation memorials alike. Perhaps best of all, the Memorial Lawn offers special services for military veterans and their families.

2. The National Parks
You need to be careful about scattering cremated remains in national park territory – regulations may prohibit scattering in certain areas or at certain times. For example, Sacramento is close to a number of national forests, like Eldorado, however scattering ashes in the national forests is prohibited without a permit. But a bit further is Yosemite National Park, which does allow people to scatter cremated remains. Be certain to research and adhere to the park’s guidelines whenever you decide to scatter cremated remains.

Sacramento offers plenty in the way of cremation services.

3. Air Scattering
You can find air scattering services all over the country, and Sacramento is no exception. Cambridge Scatterings, for example, is a family-owned company based in Sacramento that offers a variety of air scattering services – including a DVD of the in-flight ceremony.

4. Traditional Ceremonies
According to Native American Nations, many of the Native American tribes of the Western U.S. practiced cremation. In California – especially the Central Valley and inland parts of the state – Native American ancestry and rituals are held in high regard. Many Sacramento residents are surprised to learn they actually have a Native American heritage, in which case they could consider opting for a traditional Native American cremation ceremony. At the very least, anyone can borrow some of their beautiful customs, which place emphasis on nature, spirituality and rebirth.

Regardless of which option you choose, Sacramento – and California in general – has a lot to offer in terms of cremation memorialization services. When you come to this stage in your preplanning process, it always helps to contact the industry professionals who can provide a bit more insight. Trident Society has offices throughout California and the experience to help you make the memorial ceremony as simple and successful as possible.

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