Green Cremation: Palm Desert

There are a great many reasons people choose cremation for their final needs. One reason to choose a Palm Desert cremation is for a green funeral and burial. A green funeral and burial is ecologically sensitive, minimizing the impact on the environment both today and in the future.

Cremations in Palm Desert avoid:

  • Embalming. Embalming chemicals are not environmentally-friendly, and will leech into the ground over time.
  • Casket. Although a cremation container must be used, the container may be a simple, combustible container rather than a fancy casket. A simple container of heavy cardboard or basic wood reduces the manufacturers impact on the environment as well as chemical treatments to the wood.
  • Burial. With cremation, burial can be avoided altogether. Without burial, families can minimize or eliminate eternal land use for the deceased. Even families that choose a cremation burial leave less of a footprint than those with a traditional full body burial as less space is needed.

To minimize environmental impact, a Palm Desert cremation should be performed shortly after death to avoid embalming, and with the deceased in a simple container. Scattering the cremation ashes minimizes ecological effects compared to a cremation burial or interment in a columbarium, eliminating the cost, manpower, and equipment for permanent cemetery maintenance.

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