Preplanned Sacramento Cremation: Is It a Safe Investment?

Families are encouraged to make final plans long before there is a need because planning leads to better decision making and cost savings. Preplanning a Sacramento cremation involves defining your wish for cremation, signing an agreement that defines your choices for final needs, communicating your plans to your loved ones, and paying the cost of cremation now.

When making advance plans, it is critical to know that your money is safe, and your agreement will be honored. There are two key elements to protecting your investment. The first is to read the agreement carefully. Understand exactly what is–and what is not–included in the Sacramento cremation plan you are choosing.

Is the prepaid cremation plan a portable plan? If you move, will the plan move with you? Does the plan cover only the cost of direct cremation services, or are additional services covered, including help with death paperwork and a cremation memorial like placement at the Neptune Memorial Reef? Review any agreement for a Sacramento cremation carefully to ensure you understand the details.

The second element is to work with a reputable company that will be available to provide services at the time of death and honor the agreement. Your investment is valueless if your cremation provider is out of business or out of money. Neptune Society has been America’s most trusted cremation provider for 40 years. The company holds an estimated $185 million dollars in trust to ensure money invested in prepaid cremation plans is available for use at the time of need.

Preplan a Sacramento cremation with ease by working with a reputable and financially sound national cremation society.

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