Scattering Ashes Following Cremation: San Diego Article

Part of choosing a San Diego cremation is planning a meaningful way to handle disposition of the cremation ashes. Cremation offers a unique opportunity to do something individualized and memorializing.

Families may choose to keep the cremated remains in a cremation urn at home, bury the remains, or place the cremated remains in a columbarium. A columbarium offers a permanent memorial for people to visit, and a guarantee of perpetual care.

Most families, however, opt to scatter the cremation ashes, returning them to nature.

Cremations in San Diego offer special opportunities for scattering of ashes given the bountiful surroundings. For someone who loved the ocean, ashes might be scattered at Sunset Cliffs or directly into the Pacific. Torrey Pines golf course might be an appropriate location to scatter the ashes of a devoted golfer. Or, for those that simply loved San Diego and its abundance of natural beauty, Balboa Park may be a fitting location.

No matter which location best fits the deceased, ash scattering following a San Diego cremation can be combined with words of remembrance, prayers, or even a service. Cremation allows a memorial that best fits the personality and history of the deceased, and provides a special attachment to a beloved place so that friends and families continue to visit and remember.

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