Trident Society Welcomes New Manager Mike Delgadillo

Trident Society is proud to welcome Mike Delgadillo to its team of caring funeral professionals. As the new service manager of Trident Society in San Diego, CA, he will be assisting families with caring and respectful cremation services.

“Death can be a scary unknown; and, as a licensed funeral director I can shed light into the process,” Delgadillo said.
Delgadillo has been in the funeral business for over 15 years and joined Trident Society earlier this year. He strives to be active in his community as a member of four Chamber of Commerce Boards. He is also a proud member of the Lightbridge Hospice Foundation, dedicated to funding programs and services for hospice patients and their loved ones in San Diego County.

As he moves forward with Trident Society, Delgadillo has the opportunity to work with many members in his community as they plan cremations services for themselves or a loved one. His experience as a licensed funeral director will be put to use helping people through the toughest times in their lives. The Trident Society San Diego staff stands behind him to usher in a renewed era of care and compassion while servicing local families.

“We are working to make sure we are available for every customer who calls us, care for loved ones in a timely manner, and reach out into the community to get more involved,” said Delgadillo.

Trident Society has been helping California families plan cremation services for themselves and their loved ones for over 15 years. Under the new leadership of Delgadillo, Trident Society San Diego plans to review its current process to make sure each family continues to receive dignified care throughout the cremation process. With prepaid packages designed to meet all wishes and budgets, Trident Society offers a wide range of options and opportunities for personalization to reflect the unique lives serviced.

Trident Society also offers special cremation packages for veterans as our way of thanking them for their service. San Diego staff can assist veterans and their loved ones in reviewing their options and choosing local veteran cemeteries for interment. Trident Society also helps veterans apply for and receive benefits from the government including a memorial flag, a Presidential Certificate, and a funeral or memorial service with military honors.

More information about cremation with Trident Society San Diego can be found online. Delgadillo and his team of cremation experts are prepared to answer any questions about cremation. Trident Society San Diego (FD #1921) is located at 9242 Miramar Road, Suite 37 in San Diego, CA 92126.


Trident Society has provided thousands of families with affordable cremation in California for over 20 years. Call 1-888-987-4336 for immediate assistance or contact us online today to learn more about California cremation prices and our California Cremation Service.

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