Walnut Creek Cremation Costs: Tips to Plan an Affordable Cremation

Many people who choose a Walnut Creek cremation choose it for its affordability. Cremation costs a fraction of the price of a traditional burial. Choosing cremation enables families to save thousands of dollars in final expenses. However, even once you’ve selected cremation, it’s possible to reduce Walnut Creek cremation costs further with a few simple tips:

A Walnut Creek Direct Cremation is the Most Affordable Option

If budget is a concern, a Walnut Creek direct cremation is the most affordable option. Direct cremation is when you have the cremation right away and forego a viewing or funeral service before the cremation. Families that choose direct cremation often have a memorial service later – whenever it’s convenient. Foregoing the viewing saves at least $500, and foregoing the funeral saves thousands of dollars in cremation costs.

Consider Scattering the Remains

Have you decided what you’re going to do with the remains? A decorative urn raises the cost of cremation. Interring the remains also adds to your Walnut Creek cremation costs. Save money and give your loved one a special farewell at the same time by scattering the remains.

When you scatter the remains, you save money by buying an affordable scattering urn. You won’t need a more expensive decorative urn if you’re just going to disperse the remains.

Additionally, if you scatter the remains in a special place, your loved one is someplace he or she cherished – and you eliminate the cost of interring the remains. Even columbarium interment costs thousands of dollars, so scattering the remains gives you substantial cost savings in addition to being a nice way to say farewell to your loved one.

Pre-Planning Cremation Reduces Walnut Creek Cremation Costs

One of the best tools for controlling Walnut Creek cremation costs is to pre-plan your cremation. When you pre-plan cremation, you:

  • Choose the services that are important to you, and forego the rest, eliminating unnecessary expenses
  • Prevent your family from emotional, grief-driven spending during their time of loss
  • Pre-pay for your Walnut Creek cremation to secure today’s affordable cremation price
  • Pre-planning cremation provides peace of mind for both you and your family, as well as providing substantial cost savings.

Ultimately, you save thousands of dollars in Walnut Creek cremation costs by utilizing a few simple tips to cut costs and eliminate expenses. Take the time to consider your cremation arrangements today, and evaluate whether there may be areas where you can reduce cremation expenses.

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